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Geography Lead

I am Mrs Stothard and I lead Geography at Bramley Sunnyside Infant school.

Isn’t our world an amazing place! There is so much to learn about landscapes, environments and physical and human processes.

I love to be outside and to learn about new places, so it is my ambition to visit as many different places as I can in the world. I also try to do what I can and to inspire others to help preserve our wonderful planet for future generations.

Geography at Bramley Sunnyside Infant School

Geography In Action

Australian Landmarks – Sydney Harbour Bridge.

“I like Geography because we learn about different countries. My grandpa lives in Wales.”   


Identifying physical and human features of Bridlington.

“We sorted physical and human features. A house is a human feature. A sea is a physical feature.”   


Learning about the impact of plastics in the Ocean.

“I have learned the names of the oceans; Pacific Atlantic. Indian ,southern and Arctic.”   


Learning to identify the countries of the United Kingdom.

“Our oceans are important because they give us food and medicines.”


Finding out about our local church.

Key Documents