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History Lead

I’m Mrs Hanby and I lead History at our school.

History was one of my favourite subjects when I was at school and now its one of my favourite subjects to teach!

I love investigating and finding out about the past, especially going to visit historical places such as castles and museums. My number one aim at Bramley Sunnyside Infants is to get all our children as excited and inquisitive about history as I am.

History at Bramley Sunnyside Infant School

History In Action

Children built a stone keep and re-enacted a siege.

“Stone keeps were good because the enemies couldn’t get in easily – it was made of stone and stone is very hard. It was better for defending Lords and Ladies.”

Creating a timeline to show how trains have changed over time.

“History is when you look back into the past.”


Exploring History within our own locality by visiting the Kelham Island Museum in Sheffield.  Here children learnt about Harry Brearley and the invention of stainless steel.

“We can look at books to find out about the past.”


“We learned about George Stephenson – he made the first ever train and he won the first train race.”


Key Documents