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Reading Lead

I am Mrs Rushton and I lead Reading in school.  Reading is my favourite thing to do; in and out of school!  I read to relax but also to learn lots of new things.  I just love story time with my class and helping children to learn to read.  My wish is for all children to see themselves as ‘readers’ and find a love of reading.

Reading at Bramley Sunnyside Infant School

Reading In Action

Book Club..

“If you read at home and in school you will get even better at reading.”

Year 2 child

Children choosing to read in provision.

“Reading relaxes me.  That’s why I read every day!”

Year 1 child

Visiting Wickersley Library and learning how to sign out books.

“My teachers read on the carpet.  Sometimes they are so so funny.”

FS1 child

Our oldest children reading to our youngest children.

“Reading takes you on adventures to different places.”

Year 2 child

Children choosing to read in provision.

A virtual author visit with Bethan Woollvin.

“This is where we come to have stories.  It’s nice and comfy.” 

FS2 child

Celebrating World Book Day.  Classroom entrances are themed to match the class text.

Reading for pleasure.

Key Documents