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“I am impressed with how my child has developed his thinking skills this year. He has previously struggled to use his imagination and think of his own ideas. This is a testament to all the fun and creative topics he has experienced this year. My child is always eager to share with us at home what he has been learning about.” Year 1 parent

“We would like to say a massive thank you to you all. You have all made such a difference to our child’s life. She has come on leaps and bounds and so much more since starting at Bramley Sunnyside Infant School. You have all been fantastic. We couldn’t have asked for more from you all. Our child has made so much progress, she is doing fantastic. More than we ever thought or hoped for.” Foundation Stage 1 parent 

“My child is very happy at school and has come on in leaps and bounds since starting in FS1 and grown in confidence. I have been extremely happy with how she has been looked after in FS1, the staff have done an excellent job and have kept me updated on my child’s progress throughout the year. After staying for a few mornings in FS1 I have seen first hand how well the children are taught and because of this I have recommended the school to friends of ours.” Foundation Stage 1 parent

“Even though I work full time I feel that the school values me as a parent and that I can contact them at anytime with problems. Thank you.” Foundation Stage 2 parent

“The school is very child-centred and has excellent leadership and management. They are very supportive and always have the children’s best interests at heart. I feel the teaching is very effective and has engaged and challenged my daughter, throughout the whole school year. All information is communicated very well, and I feel well informed on all school events and activities.” Foundation Stage 2 parent

“We are extremely happy with this school! All the teachers and teaching assistants we have had have been truly lovely. We love the extra sports activities after school.” Year 1 parent

“My little boy is always very happy and enthusiastic about going to school. He particularly enjoys the exciting and creative topics and has made some super progress this year! A result of brilliant teaching and fantastic relationshops teachers have with their children.” Year 1 parent

“We have had three children at this school so far, and we couldn’t be happier. Compared to some schools, Bramley Sunnyside Infant School is a large school, however the sense of community and each child’s individuality is not lost in the slightest. There is a ‘feeling in the air’ of love and genuine kindness which is a very special thing. Our children have been cherished and encouraged and they thoroughly enjoy their days at school. There isn’t a grown up in the school who isn’t warm, kind and welcoming. All there is left to say is thank you.” Year 2 parent

“A wonderful school, the children listened so well, I was so impressed. Well organised and friendly.” Lynda, NSPCC

“I attended my child’s class this week to see what the children were learning. It was fantastic, I truly enjoyed the time as I am sure all the parents did. It’s great to feel included in the school rather than just dropping and collecting our little ones. The teacher was fantastic, the interaction with both the children and the parents was outstanding, she was a credit to both her pupils and the school. I look forward to attending more Stay and Learn sessions in school.” Year 2 parent