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Newsletter 3 – Summer Term 30th April 2015

FS1 Happy Home Learning
The children have enjoyed our visit to The Yorkshire Wildlife Park this week where we saw lots of different animals. We would like your child to draw a picture of their favourite animal.
FS2 Homework
Literacy – We have had a very exciting week looking at the animals at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We would like the children to write a list of all the animals that they saw during our visit and then write a sentence about their favourite one.
We are helping the children to develop fluency and understanding when reading. Please help them by firstly looking at any tricky words in their book and by encouraging them to read and re-read some words/sentences. Please ask them questions about what they have read. Can they answer you correctly?
Numeracy – Please show your child the coins in your purse and help them to recognise and describe them. Let them help you when shopping to select the right ones when paying for goods.
Year 1 Homework
Literacy – Please visit and practise past phonic screening papers ready for the test in June.
Numeracy – Can you explain heavy and light objects at home? Maybe you could find a recipe to bake and look at the weight of the ingredients.
Year 2 Homework
Spellings – saw, two, buy, here, there, does, quietly, quickly
Maths – Practise counting in multiples of 2,3,4,5 & 10. Challenge yourself!
Literacy – Can you write an animal poem? Use adjectives, similes, alliteration and adverbs.
Sponsored Spell
We are very proud of our children for successfully completing their sponsored spell challenges. The amount raised so far is £721.90 which will enable us to purchase new reading materials. Please send any outstanding money to school as soon as possible.
Stay & Learn Sessions
Thank you to all parents & carers who were able to attend our Stay & Learn Maths sessions. We hope that the sessions have helped to give you a clearer understanding of your child’s learning.

Class of the week 13th-17th April.
Congratulations to the children in Class 5 who attained an attendance level of 99%. Well done, you are ‘Class of the Week’.
May Day Bank Holiday
Please remember school will be closed on Monday 4th May for Bank Holiday Monday. School resumes as usual on Tuesday 5th May.
FABSS Bingo Night
There are still tickets available for the FABSS Bingo Night on Friday 8th May. Anyone wishing to purchase tickets (£5 per person) or a table (maximum 8 people £35) should return their request slips by Tuesday 5th May in order that catering arrangements can be made. Thank you
Foundation Stage 1 Closure Days
On Thursday 25th June and Friday 26th June, Foundation Stage One will be closed to our current students in order for our ‘Coffee Sessions’ to take place for our new part time pupils who will be attending from September. Foundation Stage Two will be open as usual.

FABSS – Diary Date
Meeting – Wednesday 6th May @ 5pm BSJ
Bingo Night – Friday 8th May in Dining Hall 6.30pm to approx. 9.30pm
Meeting – Wednesday 3rd June @ 5pm BSI
Summer Fair – Wednesday 1st July 3.30pm – 6.30pm
Fashion Show – Thursday 15th October in Dining Hall 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Winter Wonderland – Friday 4th December 3.30pm to 7pm

Diary Dates
May Day Holiday Monday 4th May
Break up for Spring Bank Holiday Friday 22nd Many
Back to School for Summer Term Monday 1st June
Y1 Visit to Flamborough Lighthouse Monday 8th June
Inset Day Friday 19th June
Break up for Summer Holidays Friday 17th July @ 2.30pm