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Newsletter 4 Autumn Term – 24th September 2015

By 28 September 2015Newsletter

Newsletter 4 – Autumn Term 2015 – 25/09

Foundation Stage 2 Homework
Literacy – We have been singing Tommy Thumb and thinking about initial letter sounds in the rhyme like Peter Pointer and Ruby Ring. Ask the children to draw a picture of themselves and think about alliteration using their own name eg Super Sophie, Magical Maddie. Can they write their special name?
Numeracy – We have been learning all about 2D shapes, not just their names but also their properties e.g. sides and corners. Ask the children to identify shapes in the environment when you’re out and about and play I spy using shapes “I spy with my little eye something the same shape as a square” or “I have 4 sides the same size and 4 corners what am I? Happy shapes hunting.
Year 1 Homework
Maths – Can you think of different ways to make 10 using a collection of objects? E.g. 4 and 6, 7 and 3.
Literacy – Can you use metal objects from around your house to create a flat sculpture? Draw a picture of it in your book and write a caption underneath about the materials you used.
Year 2 Homework
Spellings – castle, knight, king, queen, moat, tower
Literacy – Now you have been to Skipton Castle you could research castles. You could draw a castle and label it’s features e.g. portcullis, battlements etc.
Maths – Can you add two single digit numbers? Use something practical that you can see and count to help you add. If you can do this you could try adding 2 two digit numbers. Use the example below:
22 + 24 =

••  ••••
20 2 20 4 = 46
 ••••••
40 6
You could use straws to make bundles of ten for the tens and single straws for the units.
Class of the Week – 14th – 18th September
Unit 3 have attained an attendance level of 99.6%. Congratulations to all the children who have helped them become Class of the Week.

Autumn walks
Autumn is upon us and once more the leaves are turning and nature is providing us with the opportunity to enhance our atelier work, using natural objects to produce patterns and pictures. If you are out and about, in the woods and parks, we would ask that you look for any colourful leaves, conkers, pine cones and acorns etc. and bring them into school so that the children can get creative.
Water Bottles
We would respectfully remind parents/carers that only water should be provided in your child’s drinks bottle. Juice and milk are not permitted. The children have plenty of opportunity to refill their bottles throughout the day so that the water remains cold and fresh. Also, bottles should be taken home regularly to be washed. Thank you
FABSS Fashion Show
Tickets are still available for the fashion show on Friday 16th October. Please submit your ticket requests as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
Parents Consultation Meetings
Parent consultations will be held week commencing 12th October, Monday to Thursday. Time sheets will be on the classroom doors on Monday morning (28th September) for you to select your time slot.
Messy Church
St Francis Church will be holding ‘Messy Church’ on the first Sunday of every month from 4pm to 6pm. Crafts, celebration and food are provided and all are welcome. For further details call 07512 607117 or email
FABSS Diary Dates
Meeting – Wednesday 30th September BSI 5pm
Fashion Show – Friday 16th October (Dining Hall)
Meeting – Wednesday 4th November BSJ 5pm
Meeting – Wednesday 25th November BSI 5pm
Winter Wonderland – Friday 4th December
Diary Dates
Thursday 1st October EWO monitoring visit
Monday 5th October @ 9.15am Parent Forum (School Library)
Thursday 15th October EWO monitoring visit
Friday 16th October FABSS Fashion Show
Friday 23rd October Break up for October H/T
Monday 2nd November Inset Day