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Newsletter 5 Spring Term – 4th February 2016

By 4 February 2016Newsletter

Newsletter 5 – Spring Term 4th February 2016
Foundation 2 Homework
Literacy – This week Barnaby Bear has been in China. We have been learning the story of Chinese New Year. Can you write a list of the animals that crossed the river?
Maths – We have continued our work on adding. We have done this using 1p coins in our Chinese shop. Can you practise adding 2 amounts of money together and record the number sentence in your homework book?
Year 1 Homework
Maths – Can you work with your grown-up to estimate different amounts using everyday objects? E.g. how many spoons are in the drawer? Have a guess, were you right?
Literacy – We have been learning about inventions this week. Can you think of your own invention and write about it? Remember to include capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in your sentences.
Year 2 Homework
Spelling – tunnel, camel, towel, travel, my, try, fry, dry, reply, cry, July. Please put these words into sentences and try to include each of the 4 different sentence types i.e. question, command, statement, exclamation. Remember the correct punctuation.
Maths – Choose a number e.g. 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 13, 18. Can you find a way to share it? Does it share equally? Is there a remainder? You could draw a picture of how you have shared it and write a matching number sentence if you can.
Topic – Please save boxes and containers to help us with our next topic. Thank you.
Parent Consultation Meetings
Please remember to choose an appointment time for a parent consultation meeting. The meetings are scheduled for 16th, 17th & 18th February.
Class of the Week
We are very proud of the children in Class 8 & 10. Both classes have achieved an attendance level of 97.9%. Well done!
The overall attendance level attained for December is 95.3% which is below our expected target of 95.7%. The reason for this is mainly due to a high level of illness, however, had no term time holiday been taken during December we would have exceeded our target. We have now failed to meet our attendance target for three consecutive months and would urge all parents/carers to consider how we can work together in assuring that attendance improves. We already have incentives in place but please feel free to contribute any ideas that you have that might help in raising our attendance level. Congratulations to the 57 pupils who will receive their 100% attendance certificates this week for the Autumn Half Term.
Health & Safety
We regularly ask parents for their cooperation in keeping their children safe whilst waiting outside the classrooms before and after school. Mr Howard, our Health & Safety Governor has recently completed a Site Safety Inspection of the school premises and has highlighted the dangers that present themselves should children be allowed to play on equipment, climb on walls, benches and in particular the buggy shelter outside main reception. Therefore, we once again stress that children should be supervised at all times whilst in the care of their responsible adult. For their own safety, please do not allow children to put themselves in danger of hurting themselves or others. Thank you
Road Safety
In the interests of safety, we would advise that you always cross the road outside school with the Crossing Patrol Lady. If this is not possible please use the designated crossing area outside the infant school gate and avoid crossing between parked cars. Please visit where you can access some great videos to watch with your child.
Student Council Half Term Project – Y1 & Y2
Please look out for your letter from the student councillors who would like you to get creative during the half term holiday. We hope you have lots of fun making your poster and look forward to seeing your creations when we return to school.
Meeting – Wednesday 17th February at 5pm in the Infant School. All Welcome.
Easter Eggstravaganza – Thursday 10th March 3:30pm
(all dates are subject to there being sufficient volunteers)