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Newsletter 6 – 12th October 2017

By 12 October 2017School News

Newsletter 6 Autumn Term – 12th October 2017

Happy Home Learning
This week we have been learning the rhyme ‘Five Little Ginger Bread Men’. Your child will be coming home with the rhyme to learn at home. ‘Sign up’ sheets will be available in the unit next week for the Stay and Play Sessions.
Foundation Stage 2
This week we have learned 3 new sounds in phonics. So far we have learned m, a, s, d, t, i, n. Can you practise orally blending words which have these sounds in them? (Eg – mat, sit, sad, tin). You could also try and find things around your house that begin with these letter sounds.
In maths we have continued practising simple addition by adding 2 groups of objects. We would like you to draw 2 gingerbread men with different amounts of buttons on each one, then count all the buttons to find out how many there are altogether.
Year 1
To Follow
Year 2
Maths – Visit Topmarks using the following link
Select number bonds and work your way through the menu starting with ‘up to 10’. Do not progress to the next activity unless you get 20 correct answers in less than a minute.
Literacy – Can you write about your favourite memories of our visit to Skipton Castle using full sentences and remembering accurate punctuation?
Spellings – knock, know, knee, knight, knife
Toys from Home
We have had recent incidents in school where children have lost toys which have been brought to school from home. Therefore, to save tears and frustration please do not let your child bring their own toys to school. Thank you
Children in Need
We are excited to be participating in Children in Need again this year and we would like you all to be involved in the ‘Big Spotacular’. There are two fun ways of getting involved. Firstly, we would like you to get busy searching for treasure at home by looking for any old, round pound coins which could be hiding in piggy banks, under cushions or in coat pockets. These coins will be going out of circulation soon but Children in Need can make use of them. Secondly, we will be holding a non-uniform day on Friday 17th November and would like to make our school spotty for the day by dressing in spots. Every spot counts, whether it’s on your socks, your clothes or your hair ribbons. A donation pot will be available in each class room on the day, should you wish to make a contribution to help raise money for this worthy charity. We look forward to hearing about your treasure hunts and seeing your spotty outfits!
Social Media
Over the coming weeks our school will be getting to grips with Twitter and we would love you to ‘add us’ to your twitter account so that you can see our tweets.
This is an exciting time enabling us to bring you and your children right up to date with any exciting learning opportunities and any snippets of news. However, we appreciate that not everyone uses twitter and we will therefore continue to text or email any important information. Further information will follow when we are up and running

Class Numbers
For your information, the following list outlines which class number is associated with which teacher.

FS1 Unit 1 Mrs Fitzgerald
FS2 Unit 2 Mrs Davies &
Mrs Rothwell
Unit 3 Miss Williams
Unit 4 Mrs Dennis &
Mrs Rothwell
Year 1 Class 5 Mrs French &
Mrs Gilardoni
Class 8 Mrs Stothard
Class 9 Mrs Mottram &
Mrs Gilardoni
Year 2 Class 6 Mrs Rushton
Class 7 Mrs Hanby
Class 10 Mrs Goulding

Class of the Week – 2nd October to 6th October
Congratulations to the children in Class 9 who attained an attendance level of 99.3%. Well done!
Road Safety
First of all, thank you to the parents and carers who arrive at school on time and who park legally and with consideration for other road users and local residents. Unfortunately, we have had a number of complaints from members of the public regarding parking and general road safety issues at drop off and collection times from school. There have been reports of blocked driveways, illegal parking (on the pavements and zig zags), children getting into vehicles which are waiting at the zebra crossing and unacceptable behaviour and language from adults outside the school gates when asked to move their vehicles. We would ask that when arriving at school by car, all parents and carers park legally and with consideration to residents and other road users and would ask parents/carers to make sure that the children in their care behave sensibly near the roads. The police are aware of the situation and will continue to make regular patrols, prosecuting where necessary.
Vouchers – The Deep
We have received a supply of discount vouchers for Legoland Discovery Centre and Sealife Centre in Mancheser, offering a 50% discount for entry into each venue for a family of up to 5. Unfortunately, there are not enough for us to be able to give one to every child. Therefore, they are available to collect from the office on a first come first served basis.
Harvest Festival
On Thursday 26th October, the children in Year 1 & 2, weather permitting, will be walking down to St Francis’ church for a Harvest celebration. Reverend Darran Ward from St Francis’ Church will be visiting school to lead a Harvest celebration for the children in Foundation Stage 2.
Any donations of dried or tinned food in support of the Homeless Project would be gratefully received and will be presented to Rev Ward.
Family Photograph Evening.
There are still a few appointment times available for the family photograph evening. You can book a time slot by calling the office.
Diary Dates
Parent Consultation Week Monday 16th – Thursday 19th October
Harvest Festival Thursday 26th October
School Closes for Half Term Friday 27th October
Back to School Tuesday 7th November
School Photographs Wednesday 8th November
Family Photograph Evening Wednesday 8th November 3pm – 6pm
FABSS Fashion show Friday 10th November 6.30pm
Children in Need – Non Uniform Day Friday 17th November
School Closes for Christmas Friday 22nd December
Inset Days
Monday 6th November 2017
Friday 9th February 2018
Friday 22nd June 2018
Monday 23rd July 2018