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Starting School

At Bramley Sunnyside our young children are at the heart of everything we do. By working in true partnership with parents we aim to provide a stimulating, challenging environment which is warm, friendly, and where children and adults can explore, have fun, play, talk and learn together. We believe this will help children develop as happy, confident and independent individuals within their community, who will achieve their very highest potential.


In January, we offer an open evening where our new children and their can come and have a look at our setting, visit the Foundation Unit and see our specialised learning environments which are tailored to youngest children’s needs.


In April, Parents are invited to a welcome meeting, in which they can learn more about our school, its values and the curriculum we offer to all of our pupils. Throughout this meeting we spend time together, talking about the way we work, giving a clear message to our families about our philosophy and ethos. Also during this session parents will be given an invitation for them and their child to attend one of our coffee mornings.


In June, we hold our highly successful coffee sessions, these are an informal, friendly opportunity to say hello, introduce ourselves and get to know a little bit about the child. This first meeting is where our relationship and partnership begins.


In July, we offer some transition sessions where your child will come into the unit, meet their key person and experience life as a foundation stage 1 child. During this time children will be able to work alongside their new friends and have a go at lots of fun, exciting learning activities both indoors and out.


In September, children start foundation one in key groups and are given different start dates, so that all children are not inducted on the same day. Children stay on their own, but of course, we are very flexible with those children who need more time with parents. All children are different – some may settle in very quickly, whilst others need a little more time. We also acknowledge this separation can be as upsetting for parents as it is for children and so we offer comfort and patience to all during this transition time. Time spent on settling in, is time well invested for the children’s security and confidence.


On arrival, we ask that children self-register by collecting a copy of their peg picture and placing it on the board under their key workers photograph. A formal registration also takes place during the session. It is really important that children are collected on time, as searching the sea of faces for your mum or dad, nana or grandad, and finding no-one there can be really upsetting when you’re only 3 or 4 years old.


In the interests of safeguarding all our children, we ask parents to fill in our signing out chart if a someone other than parents are collecting children from school. This is to be done at the beginning of each session. If the signing out sheet has not been filled in and staff are not aware of somebody else collecting the child they will phone parents to confirm.