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Maths Lead


I am Mrs. Stothard and I am the Mathematics Leaders at Bramley Sunnyside Infant school. I really struggled with Maths throughout my school years and I know now, this was because I wasn’t secure with concepts in my early Maths learning. More and more gaps were created as I was rushed through a curriculum with only procedural knowledge to get me through.

I am passionate about teaching Maths and getting it right for all our children at Bramley Sunnyside, so that they can be secure in what they know and can readily move to the next stage of their education as confident and competent mathematicians who enjoy Maths.

Maths at Bramley Sunnyside Infant School

Maths In Action

Recording addition equations in Y1

“I like Maths. I liked learning about money. Now I know how to count in fives and I can count in twos and tens as well.”

Bella – Y2

Making and describing groups in Y2

“I like Maths because you learn things. If you didn’t learn, you wouldn’t know the time.”

Emily – Y1

Understanding equivalence

“I love maths. I like doing the scaffolds. I like sums best.”


Fractions of a whole in Y2

Exploring position and orientation of 2D shapes in Y1

Key Documents