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Foundation Stage 2 Topic Letter – Spring Term 2 2016

By February 22, 2016Newsletter

Foundation Stage 2 Topic Letter

Spring Term 2 2016

Our topic this half term is: Pieces of Eight

We have lots of exciting learning planned this half term.   Our Topic is all about Pirates some which are familiar to the children such as Captain Hook and Black Beard as well as many others from stories and films.   We will be very creative by making pirate puppets and treasure chests out of egg boxes. We are also going to make up our own amazing pirate stories and film them using the flip video camera. We will be extending our ICT skills further by using computer programs to draw and write about pirates.

In writing, we have planned to write words and sentences to describe these characters as well as supporting your child to segment and blend words. We have also arranged a pirate visit to the library where we will be celebrating our learning. Dangerous words will be our focus this half term. Please use the sheets given out to help learning at home. These words are so important as they cannot be sounded out. Your child may tell you all about them and say, ‘You can’t Fred a red!” meaning that they cannot use their phonic skills to read them, they just have to know them.

In Numeracy we are sharing, halving and doubling amounts using pirate coins, treasure, fruit and other gorgeous goodies. We are learning about pattern in nature, describing and creating our own designs is planned. Perhaps you could help them to do one on an Easter bonnet?

During the last week of term we will be holding an Easter Bonnet Parade in which all the children will be invited to join in.

Our friends from local pre-schools will also be joining in the fun and the winners of the best Easter Bonnet will receive a prize. Children will be asked to make their Easter Bonnet at home so have the glue and scissors at the ready – we cannot wait to see your child’s creations. The Easter Bunny may visit too!


Learning Journeys

Thank you for all of the brilliant home learning so far, which has been brought into school and is displayed very proudly on each unit’s learning journey wall. We have some slips for completion on the welcome table which when filled in, tell us about things that they have learnt or do at home. Please take a minute to complete one and hand it to staff ready for display.

Thank you.

What can I do to help my child at home? Please support your child to write their full name both first and last name.

Help your child to recognise and write numbers 0-10 and 10 to 20 by looking for numbers in their home school diary as a guide how to write them correctly. Reading and sharing stories with your child, helps to develop your child’s imagination, vocabulary and listening skills which will support their writing.

Please ask your child’s teacher for any Top Tips to help you to support their learning at home.

Please feel free to talk to us about any aspect of your child’s education and development.



Mrs Davies, Mrs Rothwell, Mrs Dennis, Miss Williams

Foundation 2 Teaching Staff