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By March 27, 2015School News

One of our Teaching Assistants, Mrs Shaw supports the charity, One By One, who aim to relieve poverty in Kenya, East Africa and Sri Lanka. One By One built its first orphanage, King’s Children’s Home, in the village of Bumala, Kenya in 2012.

Mrs Shaw is planning a visit to Kenya in Easter and is taking letters that the children have written to their pen pals, 120 bags of mini eggs and gifts from sponsors.

Our children helped to wrap the 120 bags of mini eggs that will be given to the children at the King’s Children’s Home, in the local school and village. Each class have also written a letter to their class pen pal.

Whilst Mrs Shaw is in Kenya she will be spending time with the children in school and helping in the village. We will be looking forward to hearing about Mrs Shaw’s visit and seeing the photos.