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Internet Safety for Parents – 4th February 2016

By February 4, 2016School News

Dear Parents/Carers,
As part of ‘Safer Internet Week 2016’ Ann Foxley-Johnson from the Anti-bullying company has been into school to deliver an assembly for KS1 children around internet safety.
Most children have access to the internet on a daily basis. When asked, our children knew that the internet could be accessed in many different forms such as through phones, computers, ipads, kindles and other tablets, TVs, watches and games consoles. One pupil even knew that “you have to pay for it”.
The internet can be used for many things including YouTube, music, research, games, films- the lists are endless, and it was clear that our children knew lots about this! Ann went on to discuss screen ‘pop-ups’, what these are, what could happen if they are clicked and what children should do if they appear on their screens (tell an adult or click the red cross). The children watched a cartoon video about how enticing ‘pop-ups’ are not always what they may look like e.g. receiving a new shiny toy. Ann explained the consequences of clicking them such as contracting spyware or harmful viruses onto your computer/tablet.
Games consoles and Games were also a very important part of the assembly. Unfortunately, our children are exposed to games such as ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto’ today and it was shocking to see the amount of children who knew of, and have played on these types of games. Ann informed the children about PEGI ratings (suggested age ratings for games based on their content) and their importance when choosing suitable games to play.
At the end of the assembly children were read a story about ‘Digi-Duck’, a duck who received what he thought was a funny picture of one of his friends. He was going to post it on the internet and send it to his other friends. During the story Digi-Duck was shown what the consequences of sharing unkind pictures on the internet could be, although he thought it was only for a joke. This story sparked a discussion and our children made suggestions about what Digi-Duck could do with the photo instead (delete it or show a grown-up). The important message that also came from this story was for children to behave on the internet as they do in the real world – saying and sharing kind things with each other.
We have recently updated our ‘Staying Safe on the Internet’ and ‘Internet Safety Information’ pages on the school website with useful information and videos that you can share with your children. There are also links to CEOP site which contain useful articles and information for parents around e-safety. You can find these under the Parent and Carers tab and then by navigating down to the Safeguarding tab.
Ann will also be delivering a ‘Keeping Cyber Savvy’ event to Parents/Carers on Thursday 4th February 2016 at 2.30pm at Bramley Sunnyside Junior School.