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Newsletter 1 – Autumn Term 2015
Welcome back
I hope you have all had a relaxing summer and welcome you back to our new school year. The staff have been busy during the summer holiday setting classrooms up and creating lovely environments for our children. I hope that you have had a chance to see the lovely displays of work that the children did during their transition visits.
Welcome to New Year Group Meetings
Next week we will hold brief informal meetings in your child’s new classroom. This will be an opportunity for you to meet the staff in your new child’s classroom. The teacher will discuss any new routines with you, give you a brief overview of your child’s day and explain how the classroom environment supports learning. The meetings will last approximately 15 minutes and are as follows:
Foundation Stage 2 – Tuesday 8th September 2015
Year 1 – Thursday 10th September 2015
Year 2 – Wednesday 9th September 2015
Home work will be included on the weekly newsletter starting next week. We also have links to many useful children’s websites on our school website. From time to time, your children may use the internet for research. The internet is a marvellous tool, but must be used safely and securely. I would appreciate it if you could take the time to look at the safety clips we have on our school website and share them with your child. Our school website can be accessed at…
Safeguarding – Collection of children
We can only release a child at the end of the day to an adult with parental responsibility. If anyone else is collecting your child, please ensure that you sign the authorised collection sheet in the classroom, stating who will be collecting your child. Should you have an adult that regularly collects your child on set days, e.g. a child-minder, grandparent, you need only give permission once by signing the green authorised collection sheet. The staff in the classrooms will make these available to you.
The children look very smart in their new school uniforms; we will help the children to understand the importance of taking care of it. Please help us to do this by labelling all of your child’s clothing so that any lost items can be reunited with them very quickly.
Building Work
As you can see the building work has continued during the holidays and we look forward to having a brand new baking room for the children to make use of very soon. We thank you for bearing with us as the work progresses, particularly to the children and parents in Mrs Stothard’s and Miss Hall’s Classes who have been most affected by the disruption.
First Day Absence Reporting
We are striving to ensure that all our children attain 100% attendance. We understand that there may be occasion when your child is too ill to attend school. Please ensure that you contact the school office when your child is absent due to illness before 9.30am.
Should we not receive a message from you the office staff will contact you asking for the reason for absence. This is to ensure that we meet the necessary welfare and safeguarding requirements. Also, if your child has a pre-arranged medical appointment, please inform the office staff and not the class teacher so that the information can be entered directly into the electronic register. The Education Welfare Officer – EWO, makes regular visits to school to view the registers and assess attendance and will take action should a child’s level of attendance become a concern.
Book Club
Book club will commence next Thursday which provides our children with the opportunity to browse through the many books on offer and then save weekly for a book of their choice. It also helps the children to understand the value of money and introduces them to the concept of ‘saving up’ and raise questions such as:-
How many weeks will it take to pay for my book if I bring 50p a week?
My book costs £3, how many £1 coins do I need?
Year 2 Visit
The topic for Year 2 is Dungeons and Dragons and a visit to Skipton Castle has been planned to enhance their learning. Please look out for a letter tomorrow which will outline the details and give all the information you require.
Diary Dates
Thursday 17th September EWO monitoring visit
Wednesday 23rd September Year 2 Visit to Skipton Castle
Thursday 1st October EWO monitoring visit
Thursday 15th October EWO monitoring visit
Friday 23rd October Break up for October Half Term
Monday 2nd November Inset Day
Tuesday 3rd November Return to school