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By September 11, 2014December 17th, 2014Newsletter

Foundation Stage 2 Homework

Literacy – Help your child to think of three things that start with the first letter of their Christian name.

Numeracy – We have been singing lots of counting songs in school this week. 5 little ducks go swimming one day, 10 green bottles and 10 in a bed etc. Ask your child to sing them to you and help them to use their fingers to count. Draw 5 little ducks in their homework book and write numbers 1 to 5.

Year 1 Homework

Literacy – Make a list of metal objects that you can find in your house.

Maths – Can you find different shaped objects when you are out and about? Describe them to your grown up e.g It has four corners.

Year 2 Homework

Spellings – were, there, little, out, when, what, one

Maths – Place Value. Can you ask your child how many tens and units are in the following?

T U   TU   TU   TU   TU

36     42    69    12   49

Even challenge them to hundreds!


324     463    619     517

Literacy – Draw the den you made this week in the woods. Can you write some instructions to explain what you did?

Try to use first, next, after, that, and then, and finally.

Quality Mark

We are thrilled that Bramley Sunnyside Infant School has been awarded a Basic Skills (Primary) Quality Mark Award for the first time. Our dedicated staff and hardworking children have made this possible and we extend a huge thank you to them for this achievement. Please see the reverse of the newsletter for further information.


It is wonderful to see the children enjoying their lunches which are now free to all infant aged pupils. However, the lunchtime staff has noticed that some children are finding it tricky to use their knives and forks. Could you please practise with your child and encourage them to use their knives and forks properly so that their lunchtime experience is more enjoyable? Thank you.

Free School Meals

Even though every child in school is now entitled to free meals this does not mean that they are entitled to the advantages of a ‘Benefit Related’ free school award. If you think that you are eligible, due to being on a low income or if you qualify for certain benefits, you must apply to the authority online at or by calling 01709 336006. Once your claim is awarded the school is notified and your child will then be eligible to access a wide range of activities free of charge or at a substantially reduced rate (i.e. after school clubs, extended services holiday clubs, school visits etc).

In addition, the school receives an additional payment into the school budget from the government Pupil Premium Fund, for every child whose application is successful. This funding will impact directly on the support and educational experiences we can provide. Therefore, if you are claiming any of the following benefits you should make a claim with Rotherham Borough Council.

Income Support, Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income related Employment and Support Allowance, ChildTax Credit and a gross annual income that does not exceed £16,190 (but not if you claim Working Tax Credits) or Pension Credits.

FABSS Diary Dates

Car Boot Sale – Sunday 21st September 9am to 1pm

Meeting – Wednesday 1st October @ 5pm at Bramley Sunnyside Infant School

Bingo night – Friday 3rd October @ 7pm

Winter Wonderland – Friday 28th November


Attendance is monitored continuously and each week the class with the highest level of attendance receives a certificate and a special mention on the Newsletter. This will commence next week. Also children who achieve 100% attendance for each term will receive a certificate and if 100% attendance is attained for the school year they will receive a small gift. The Education Welfare Officer visits regularly and will be informed if a child’s attendance drops below 90%. A letter will be sent to the parent/carer informing them should this occur.

Term Time Holidays

We have already received a number of requests from parents wanting to take children out of school during term time. No request will be authorised unless there are exceptional circumstances supporting the request and we must stress that any request made for a child whose attendance is below 95.5% will automatically be referred to the authority requesting that a fixed penalty notice be issued.