Newsletter 2 Spring Term – 12th January 2017

By January 12, 2017 School News

Newsletter 1– Spring Term 5th January
Happy Home Learning
We have two little jobs for you this week! Some of us have forgotten which special colour team we are in over the Christmas period. Could you help your child to remember which team they are in? We have started to learn a new letter sound each week. This week, we have been learning the sound ‘m’ and ‘a’. Please help your children to practise their letter formation at home. We say “Maisie, mountain, mountain” as we write our ‘m’ and “Around the apple and down the leaf” as we write our ‘a’. Please encourage your child to practise their writing. This could be large writing outdoors with chalks and paintbrushes, indoors painting our letters, or on the bathroom tiles using shaving foam. Enjoy!
Foundation Stage 2
Literacy – This week we have been learning all about toys from the past. Please help your child find out about a toy from the past either by using the Internet or a book. Ask them to talk to their Grandparents to find out about the toys they enjoyed playing with when they were little. Children can then draw a picture of the toy in their homework book to share with their classmates.
Maths – We have been learning to add two single digit numbers together using 1p coins. Encourage children to make up their own shop, it could be a toyshop or a fruit and veg shop. Role play using the items in the shop and add together the cost of 2 items e.g. an apple is 2p and a banana is 5p how much have I spent altogether? Children can use 1p coins to find the answer?
Foundation stage spelling books will be going home with the children on Monday. Please check their book bag on Monday for details.
Year 1
Reading – Please read your reading books every day.
Spellings – my, the, come, coming, fly, flying, to, bird, robin.
Topic – Can you draw and label a robin? Using information books, or the internet, find and write down any facts you can find out about a robin.
Maths – Can you orally partition teen numbers. Ask questions about the numbers
e.g. What is 15 made of? 10 + 5 What is 10 and 3? 13
Year 2
Spellings – camel, travel, towel, squirrel, tunnel
Maths – Practise solving addition and subtraction facts within 20.
E.g. 8 + 7 = 12 + 4 = 12 – 6 =
Literacy – Visit The Deep website and watch the virtual tour. Can you click on the individual creatures and learn all about them?
Class of the Week – 3rd -6th January
Class 8 are ‘Class of the Week’ with an attendance level of 99.6%. Well done!
We would remind parents/carers to always contact school with a reason for absence as soon as possible when your child is unable to attend school. Messages can be left on the answer machine at any time and the office opens at 8.30am should you prefer to speak to a member of staff. A member of the admin team will contact you if we do not receive a message. Thank you
Clifton Park Museum
There are various activities on offer at Clifton Park Museum over the coming weeks for 3-12year olds which may interest you. Log on to for more information or call 01709 336633 to book a place.
Diary Dates
Thursday 19th January Year 2 visit to The Deep
Thursday 16th February School closes for Half Term
Friday 17th February Inset Day
Monday 27th February Return to School

Stay & Play Sessions FS1
Wednesday 25th January YELLOW team stay & play session.
Wednesday 1st February BLUE team stay & play session
Wednesday 8th February RED team stay & play session