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Newsletter 2 – Summer Term 23rd April
FS1 Happy Home Learning
We have been talking about our visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Talk to your child about different wild animals. What noises do they make? What do they eat? Etc.
FS2 Homework
Literacy -This week in literacy we have been looking at the story of The Jungle Book. We have watched clips from the film and discussed the events. We have created maps of the jungle and labelled them. The children have also created their own zigzag books looking at sequencing events in the story. See if you can practise sequencing events at home, e.g. you could read a story and discuss what happened, recount your day or a time of the day, talk about getting dressed, etc. We are continuing practising segmenting and blending with the phonic sounds that we already know and practising reading and writing VC and CVC words.
Numeracy -This week we have been learning about adding two amounts and finding out which amount is more? We have practised counting on and have talked to the children about how to do this using a number line, by moving on the first amount and then counting on the second one. You could practise adding small one digit numbers at home.
Year 1 Homework
Numeracy – We have been learning about solid 3D shapes. Please can you find cuboids, pyramids, cubes, cylinders and spheres around your home? Can you draw and label what you find?
Literacy – We have been finding out about Ancient Egypt through Flat Stanley’s adventures. Can you write 3 sentences to tell your grown up what you know about Egypt?
Year 2 Homework
Maths – Work on your partitioning to add:-
32 + 24
30 2 20 4
30 + 20 = 50
2 + 4 = 6
50 + 6 = 56
Literacy – Draw or make the magical object from your story this week. Can you describe it using adjectives for sounds and movement?
Spellings – whole, old, son, how, now, some & down.
Class of the week 13th -17th April
Wow! The children in Mrs Stothard’s class are superstars. They are class of the week after achieving 100% attendance. We are very proud of you!
Congratulations to the 67 children who achieved 100% attendance for the Spring Term. You will receive your certificates next week.
PE Kit
Please make sure that your child has their PE kit in school with suitable footwear for outdoor PE lessons. Thank you
Parenting Workshops
There are two family links courses on offer to parents & carers in the Wickersley Learning Community. The Parenting Puzzle Workshop and The Nurturing Programme. For further information please contact Julie Wilkinson on 07717 733260 or email
Special Leave of Absence
We would like to remind parents/carers that holidays during term time are unlikely to be authorised unless there are extenuating circumstances surrounding the request. Any requests made will be considered and a response given as soon as possible. Where unauthorised leave of absence is taken, your child will receive an unauthorised absence mark in the register which will remain on their record.
FABSS – Diary Date
Meeting – Wednesday 6th May @ 5pm BSJ
Bingo Night – Friday 8th May in Dining Hall 6.30pm to approx. 9.30pm
Meeting – Wednesday 3rd June @ 5pm BSI
Summer Fair – Wednesday 1st July 3.30pm – 6.30pm
Fashion Show – Thursday 15th October in Dining Hall 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Winter Wonderland – Friday 4th December 3.30pm to 7pm
Diary Dates
FS1 & 2 Visits to Yorkshire Wildlife Park Wednesday 29th April
(Please refer to your letter) Thursday 30th April
May Day Holiday Monday 4th May
Break up for Spring Bank Holiday Friday 22nd Many
Back to School for Summer Term Monday 1st June
Inset Day Friday 19th June
Break up for Summer Holidays Friday 17th July @ 2.30pm