Newsletter 3 – Spring Term January 21st 2016

By January 22, 2016 Newsletter

FS1 Happy Home Learning

We have been comparing weights and talking about things that are heavy/heavier and light/lighter.

Can you make some balance scales? You could use a coat hanger, string and plastic bags. Weigh your favourite toys. Which is heavier/lighter?

Foundation 2 Homework

In Literacy this week we have been following Barnaby Bear on his visit to London. We have used non-fiction books and the internet to find out information on some of the famous landmarks such as the Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. With your grown up can you use books or the internet to find out more information about London? You could write a sentence about what you have learned in your homework book.

In maths we have been looking at time, and how to measure time using sand timers and stop watches. Could you ask your grown up to time you for 1 minute and see how many hops/skips/jumps you can do in this time? Record how many in your homework book.

Year 1 Homework

Maths – We have been learning about doubling and halving this week. Can you think of your own numbers to double and record the number sentence? e.g 6 + 6 = 12

Challenge yourself to investigate numbers which can be halved and write them in a list.

Literacy – Can you design your own Minion Gloop gun to save the Minions from El Macho? Remember to add labels to your design.

Y1 – Common Exception Words to practise – Your, they, were, of

Year 2 Homework

SPag – please learn to spell and write these words: eyes, clothes, pirate, with, beautiful, huge, little

We have been learning about nouns. A noun is a word that names something i.e. a person, place or object. When you are reading your reading book can you find a noun in each sentence? Make a list of nouns.

Maths – Can you find half of an amount? You need to have mental recall of halves and doubles of numbers to 20.

Topic – Can you research and write five facts about a creature you saw at the Deep?

SPaG – Spelling Punctuation & Grammar Parent Workshops

Thank you to all parents who attended the latest sessions. The power point notes have been e mailed to those who attended. We have compiled a glossary to support parents which will be e mailed shortly. If you haven’t signed up to our e mail system please contact the school office to enable us to update your e mail address onto our system.

National Handwriting Day

This Saturday is national handwriting day and the new national curriculum places a high emphasis on correctly formed letters and a legible handwriting style. As a school we are encouraging all children to present their writing to the highest possible standards and it is essential that children do not form bad habits as these are much harder to undo. The children will be bringing home an example of our handwriting scripts shortly. You may find it helpful to glue this into their homework books or keep in a prominent place for you and your child to refer to when writing at home together.


When sending payment to school for visits/after school clubs etc. please may we urge you to place it in a sealed envelope labelled with your child’s name on. This will ensure it reaches the office staff safely. Thank You.


This week Mrs Rothwell and Mrs Shaw took a small group of our year 2 children to Flanderwell School to take part in a KS1 Athletics Festival. All the children participated well in sprinting, javelin, the standing long jump and the relay race. Two children did extremely well to win 1st place in the Javelin and in sprinting. Well done Bramley Sunnyside All Stars, we are very proud of you.

FABSS – Are meeting today Thursday 21st January at 5pm in the Junior School. Come along if you would like to find out more, how they plan their events etc. All welcome.

World Book Day – Thursday 3rd March

In celebration of the above, children can come dressed as a character from their favourite book if they wish. Our book club ladies will choose the best boy & girl from each class who will win a book of their choice from book club.

Half Term Events

The Town Hall in Rotherham will be hosting an open day on Thursday, 11th February, 2016 between 10:00am and 3:00pm.  For your information, the programme for the day includes the following;-

Town Hall tours, hourly from 11:00am to 2:00pm

Morning Coffee with the Mayor and Consort at 11:00am

Afternoon Tea with the Mayor and Consort at 2:00pm

Children’s Competition

Displays of Services available in Rotherham

Raffle – (All Proceeds to the Mayor’s Charity)

Further info can be found by visiting: :

‘Keeping Cyber Savvy’ – Thursday 4th February – 3pm at the Junior School or 5pm at the Infant school

To date, no parents have shown interest in attending the session at 5pm at the infant school. We really don’t want to cancel due to low numbers as this is a great opportunity for you to find out more about how to keep yourself and your children safe on line when using social media, facebook, twitter & games such as mine craft. The sessions are led by Ann F Johnson (an expert in this field) Ann can also advise how to set parental controls on smartphones and make games consoles and apps such as snapchat and what’s app more secure. We have noticed an increasing number of young children accessing games/media intended for older children or adults. We would urge you to come along. Please put your name down at the school office so we can gauge interest. Thank you.

Diary Dates

Friday 5th February                                                      School Closes for Half Term at usual time

Monday 15th February                                                  Inset Day

Tuesday 16th February                                                  Return to School

Tuesday 23rd February                                                 Year 1 visit to Eureka

Friday 18th March                                                        Term Ends for Easter Holidays

Monday 4th April                                                          Return to school for Summer Term