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By May 15, 2014December 17th, 2014Newsletter

Happy Home Learning
Our nursery rhyme this week is ‘5 little fishes swimming in the sea’. Please practise singing this with your child.

FS2 Homework
Literacy – This week in literacy we have been learning about 'Finding Nemo'. We have been talking about describing words with the children. Can you help your child to write a description of one of the characters from the story? Think about writing down all the sounds that you can hear in the words.
Please recap on tricky words, my, I, to, he, she, me, be, go, the, no, was, we and they. Can you do a tricky word hunt around your house?
Numeracy – In numeracy this week we have been working with teen numbers. Can the children identify teen numbers around them? Practise writing teen numbers in your homework book.

Year 1 Homework
Literacy – Research some facts about Islam. What is their holy book called? How many times do Islam’s pray a day? What is a mosque?
Maths – Can you think of some two digit numbers and add them together? (e.g. 43 + 22 = 65). Write them in your homework book.

Year 2 Homework
Spellings – could, would, should, bushes, babies, suddenly
Literacy – Design an African setting (e.g. a jungle). Can you use adjectives to describe what you can see, hear and touch?
Numeracy – Can you subtract 2 digit numbers using the partitioning strategy as follows?
Step 1            34        23
                 30      4          20      3
Step 2      Subtract ten  30 – 20 = 10
Step 3     Subtract units  4 – 3    = 1
Step 4      Combine answers                  = 11

Class of the Week 5th May – 9th May 2014
Mrs Stothard’s class are once again class of the week with a level of 97%.
Summer Weather Precautions
The forecast for the next few days is very good and we look forward to some lovely warm sunshine. If your child suffers from any allergies (e.g. hay fever, prickly heat rash) could you please make sure that you administer the medicine before they come to school? Also, sun hats should be provided and your child may bring sun cream for their own use but must apply it themselves.
Fabss would like to inform you that the profit from the car boot sale was £460 and thank everyone for their support.
Community Fundraising Links
We are thrilled to inform you that we have received a donation of £250 from Bramley Parish Council which will now enable us to complete the final stages of our outdoor project in the Foundation Unit. We are sure that the children will make great use of the decking & staging area which will soon be in place.

Diary Dates    
Friday 23rd May    Kenya Assembly 2.30pm
Friday 23rd May    Break up for Spring Bank Half Term
Monday 2nd June    Return to school
Wednesday 18th June    Foundation Stage 1 closed
Thursday 19th June    Foundation Stage 1 closed
Friday 20th June    Inset Day
Friday 18th July    Break up for the Summer Holidays @ the earlier time        of 2.30pm