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By May 22, 2014December 17th, 2014Newsletter

Happy Home Learning

We have been learning about pirates. Please help your child to make a ‘Treasure Hunt’ giving clues to find the treasure.

FS2 Homework

We have been learning about rhymes. Sing a nursery rhyme and change 2 words. (E.g. Humpty Dumpty sat on a hill – Humpty Dumpty had a friend called Bill).

Maths – Make a model using 3D shapes (e.g. a house).

Year 1 Homework

Over half term please practise segmenting and blending real and alien words (the made up words).

Go on Google and look up phonics screening check. Watch the phonics screening check training video (for teachers). This will help you guide your child and help them with the check which is after half term.

Year 2 Homework

Literacy – Over the holidays look for interesting poems about animals and practice reading them aloud.

Maths – Can you investigate a number and see the different numbers it will divide by?

e.g. 16 = 16 – 4 = 4

             16 ÷ 2 = 8

Spellings – caught, catch, hopeful, wishful, careful, surprise

Class of the Week 12th May – 16th May 2014

Mrs Stothard’s class have done it again. With a level of 97.9% they are ‘Class of the Week’ again. Mrs Stothard is very proud of you.

Monthly Attendance

We have received confirmation from The Local Education Authority that we have once again exceeded our expected attendance target of 95.5%. The level attained for April is 96.36%


Could we please remind parents/carers that if your child is absent from school you should contact school giving a reason for each day of absence. If we do not receive a message before 9.30am, we will contact you by text or telephone call. In certain circumstances and in view of our Safeguarding Policy, the Educational Welfare Officer may be asked to call at your home if we fail to make contact.

Special Leave

In view of the new leave of absence procedure for parents taking children out of school for holidays could we please remind you that a Special Leave of Absence Form must be completed even if the absence is for a single day. We would also like to inform you that since the new legislation was introduced, absence due to term time holidays has fallen significantly in our school. The figures below are for FS2, Y1 & Y2.

Sessions missed due to term time holidays September 2012 – May 2013 = 65Sessions missed due to term time holidays September 2013 – May 2014 = 483
(A session is a morning or an afternoon)
This amounts to 17 weeks less absence due to term time holidays this year.


Treasure Box

Every child is delighted when they earn a treat and we are thrilled to advise that FABSS have kindly agreed to sponsor our ‘Treasure Box’ which is an initiative to promote a love of reading with our children. When your child reads 3 times a week at home they will earn 1 stamp for their Home School Diary. Once they have earned 5 stamps they can visit the treasure box to dip for treasure. We thank FABSS for helping to keep this initiative alive and look forward to seeing many more happy faces visiting ‘The Treasure Box’.

Diary Dates                           

Friday 23rd May                             Kenya Assembly 2.30pm

Friday 23rd May                              Break up for Spring Bank Half Term

Monday 2nd June                            Return to school

Wednesday 18th June                     Foundation Stage 1 closed

Thursday 19th June                         Foundation Stage 1 closed

Friday 20th June                              Inset Day

Friday 18th July                               Break up for the Summer Holidays @ the earlier time of 2.30pm