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Newsletter 5 – Autumn Term 5th November 2017

By October 5, 2017Newsletter

Newsletter 5 Autumn Term – 5th October 2017

Happy Home Learning
This week we have started learning our first ‘Rhyme of the Week!’ Our rhyme this week is Goldilocks went to the house of the bears! Your child will be bringing the rhyme sheet home with them for you to continue learning the rhyme together at home.
Foundation Stage 2
Phonics – We have been learning the letter sounds s, a, m ,d. Can you please play I spy using these sounds and look for things around the home and environment starting with the sounds? E.g. sock, apple etc. Can the children practise writing the letters in their homework book using the read, write, inc formation which can be found in their diaries?
Maths – Please encourage your child to set the table for dinner and ask them to count the forks, knives and spoons. Ask them to think about number problems e.g. How many items of cutlery are there all together?
Year 1
Reading – Please read your reading book. Can you be a word detective and spot any words with this week’s phoneme ‘look for a book ‘oo’
Spellings of the week – he, we, she, be, me, look, looking, cook, took, book
You can practise by writing them three times or by writing them in a sentence.
Maths – We are learning our number bonds for ten. Use your ‘flick flack’ to practise. E.g Say to your child ‘look at your flick flack. How many can you see? Ten. Hold 1 flap down. How many can you see now? Nine How many can I see? One. One and nine makes ten altogether. Hold 2 flaps down. How many can you see now? How many can I see? Etc.
Topic – If you have any wool at home that you don’t need and want to donate for some weaving we would be very grateful. Thank you.
Year 2
Maths – Can you use the ‘greater than’ > ‘less than’ < and ‘equal to’ = symbols to make these number sentences correct? 5 8 15 15 31 47 7 2 18 9 21 21 Literacy – Can you research Skipton Castle ahead of our visit on Thursday 12th October 2017? What do you expect to find? Spellings – race, city, ice, fancy, face Can you think of any other words with the ‘soft c’ sound? Class of the Week – 25th to 29th September Now that all the children have settled into their new classes we will resume celebrating attendance by presenting a certificate to the class who attained the highest level of attendance. This week, Class 9 will receive the certificate after achieving a level of 99%. Well done! Parent Consultation Evening Parent evenings will be held the week commencing Monday 16th October. A list will be available in the classrooms from Monday 9th October to enable you to select a time that best suits you. Late appointments are available on Wednesday 11th October. Class of the Month Congratulation ‘s to the children in Class 7, you have attained the highest overall level of attendance for September. Unit 2 89.1 Unit 3 98.2 Unit 4 96.5 Class 5 96.0 Class 9 96.7 Class 8 98.2 Class 6 95.4 Class 10 95.1 Class 7 98.3 Totals 96.1 Year 2 Paper Fashion Show Please remember that the Year 1 children will be taking part in a Paper Bag Fashion Show tomorrow (Friday 6th October) at 2.30pm. We look forward to seeing you there! Harvest Festival On Thursday 26th October, the children in Year 1 & 2, weather permitting, will be walking down to St Francis’ church for a Harvest celebration. Reverend Darran Ward from St Francis’ Church will be visiting school to lead a Harvest celebration for the children in Foundation Stage 2. Any donations of dried or tinned food in support of the Homeless Project would be gratefully received and will be presented to Rev Ward. Family Photograph Evening. There are still a few appointment times available by calling the school office . If you would like to book a time slot please call the office. FABSS Fashion Show Fabss will be holding a fashion show on Friday 10th November at 6.30pm in the school dining hall. Further information can be found by visiting and tickets can be booked by calling 07948 998236 or by email Labelling of Personal Belongings We are still finding personal belongings in school and on the playground which have not been labelled. There is a marker pen, suitable for labelling clothing, in every classroom for your use. Diary Dates Year 2 Visit to Skipton Castle Thursday 12th October Parent Consultation Week Monday 16th – Thursday 19th October Harvest Festival Thursday 26th October School Closes for Half Term Friday 27th October Back to School Tuesday 7th November School Photographs Wednesday 8th November Family Photograph Evening Wednesday 8th November 3pm – 6pm FABSS Fashion show Friday 10th November 6.30pm School Closes for Christmas Friday 22nd December Inset Days Monday 6th November 2017 Friday 9th February 2018 Friday 22nd June 2018 Monday 23rd July 2018