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By October 3, 2014December 17th, 2014Newsletter

Foundation Stage 1 Happy Home Learning

Please share a bedtime story with your child. We would love to hear all about the stories you have been sharing at bedtime through writing a leaf on our success tree or a photograph of you both sharing a story. Happy reading.

Foundation 2 Homework  

Literacy – Please help your child to sound each letter individually and then blend them together to read the following words: sit, pin, pit & pad. If possible, write each word. We have been learning the sounds g, o, c and k this week; please use the diaries to practise the rhymes with your child.

Numeracy – This week we have been counting and recognising numbers. Can you help your child to write the numbers in the correct order for 0 – 5 then onto 10? Can you count objects around you?

Year 1 Homework

Maths – Can you practise one more and one less than a given number? Can you spot any patterns?

Literacy – Do you have a game with a set of instructions at home? Play it with your grown up and talk about what makes a clear set of instructions.

Year 2 Homework

Maths – Can you work on your subtraction? Choose a two digit number and take away 10 and then 11.

e.g. 37 – 10       3 – 11

63 – 10       63 – 11

Literacy – Following our literacy this week on ‘Instructions’ can you write a set of instructions? e.g. your morning routine or making a sandwich etc

Spellings – first, next, finally, so, after, because.

Harvest Festival Year 1 & 2

On Wednesday 8th October, the children in Year 1 & 2, weather permitting, will be walking down to St Francis’ church for a Harvest celebration. On Wednesday 15th October, Reverend Darran Ward from St Francis’ Church will be visiting school to lead a Harvest celebration for the children in Foundation Stage 2.

Any donations of dried or tinned food in support of the Homeless Project would be gratefully received and will be presented to Rev Ward.

Parent Views

Thank you to all parents who gave us feedback via the parent charter questionnaire. Your views and opinions do matter to us and they will be collated this Friday. Please look out for our updates on this piece of school improvement work in future newsletters.

Class of the week 22nd – 26th September

Well done to the children in Class 10 for achieving a level of 99.3%. We are very proud of you.

Charitable Giving

We are always humbled by the generosity of our families when it comes to charitable giving. The recent MacMillan coffee morning raised £130.75 which we know will help to make a huge difference to the support Macmillan can offer families affected by cancer.

Each and every one of us will have charities close to our hearts and as a school we also like to support charitable giving. We have therefore chosen various organisations to help over the coming year through holding various activities and have outlined them below so that you can decide if there are any you would like to give to.

Harvest Festival – The Homeless Project

Remembrance Day – Poppies will be available in school from the middle of October.

Children in Need – Friday 14th November will be ‘Super Hero Day’ and all children can come to school dressed as their favourite Super Hero for a small donation.

Christmas Nativity Collections – Bluebell Wood Hospice and Our Kenyan Orphanage in Africa

January – NSPCC, details to follow.

Parents Consulations

Parent evenings will be held the week commencing 13th October. A list will be available in the classrooms from Monday 6th October to enable you to select a time that best suits you. FABSS Car Boot Sale Sunday 21st Sept from 9am. Some places left if you are thinking of a clear out or come along and grab a bargain. For more info please call 07948 998236.


School Diary Dates

FABSS Bingo Night                                          Friday 3rd October

Y1 & 2 Harvest Celebration                               Wednesday 8th October

FS2 Harvest Celebration                                  Wednesday 15th October

EWO Drop in session                                        Thursday 23rd October 2.30pm

Break up for October Half Term                      Thursday 23rd October

Inset Day                                                         Friday 24th October

Return to School                                              Monday 3rd November

School Photographs                                          Thursday 6th November

Family Photograph Evening                               Thursday 6th November

Remembrance Sunday                                       Sunday 9th November

(School Council to lay a wreath – details to follow)

Anti Bullying Week                                           17th -21st November