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Newsletter 5 – February 5th 2015

By February 9, 2015Newsletter

Newsletter 5 – Spring Term February 5th 2015
Happy Home Learning
This week we have been learning the rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep, please sing the rhyme with your child at home helping your child to pronounce the words correctly. Within all of our learning this week we have been looking at number 3! Can you help your child to count, understand and recognise the number 3? Within the supermarket ask your child can you get 3 carrots? Can you set the table with 3 forks? Can you climb 3 steps? Can you find 3 toys? Can you find a number 3 on a car number plate, door or price label? We would love to hear all about your learning next week, please contribute to our success tree and inform us of your home learning.
Foundation 2 Literacy – This week we have been learning about Goldilocks and the three bears. The children have read the story and we have talked about the characters and created character pictures on the computer, thinking about the correct colours and shapes. You could practise this at home either on a computer if possible or in the book. We are continuing practising segmenting and blending with the phonic sounds that we already know and practising reading and writing VC and CVC words. We have also learnt the new sounds ir, ou, oy. Numeracy – This week we have been learning about adding one more. We have used number lines and looked at the number that comes next. We have talked about the number getting bigger and going up. You could practise asking randomly what number is one more than you given number.
Year 1 Homework
Numeracy – We are learning about subtraction. Can you make up some subtraction stories? E.g. there are 5 lollipops, 2 melt, how many are left?
Literacy – Can you practise adding the suffixes ed & ing to words? E.g. walk – walked, sleep – sleeping. Try writing some sentences including these words.
Year 2 Homework
Spellings – slowly, quickly, carefully, quietly, sadly, lovely.
Maths – we are learning about subtraction. Can you write some simple subtraction word problems? Draw the picture and work out the answer. E.g. Sam has 20 buns, he drops 2. How many has he got left? 20 – 2 = 18
Class of the week
Congratulations to the children in Unit 4 who are class of the week with a level of 97.2%.
NSPCC Big Buddy Workout
Lynda, the representative from the NSPCC was thrilled with our support and thanked the children in a special assembly on Monday for their efforts. The final total raised is £1667.74. Thank you
Parents Forum
We thank you for your response and would remind you that the first meeting will be on Friday 6th February at 9am, we look forward to seeing you there.
Why not Foster?
We would remind you that there will be a drop in session held in the infant school library on Wednesday 11th February at 3.15pm. Anyone who may be interested in fostering a child is invited to attend and a team from Rotherham Borough Council will be available to answer any questions.
There are still parents/carers who are parking inconsiderately and in some cases illegally when dropping off or collecting children from school. The police have been informed and will be making regular patrols around the school.
Term Dates
Rotherham term dates up to July 2017 are available online at The remaining inset days for the current school year are Monday 23rd February, Friday 19th June and Monday 20th July. Inset days for the next school year are Tuesday 1st September 2015, Monday 2nd November, Monday 15th February 2016, Friday 27th May 2016 and Friday 17th June 2016.
Diary Dates
School closes for Half Term Friday 13th February 2015
Inset Day Monday 23rd February
Back to School Tuesday 24th February
Year 2 visit to The Deep Friday 6th March (Letters out tomorrow)
Break up for Easter Holidays Friday 27th March
Back to school for Summer Term Monday 13th April