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Newsletter 5

By February 6, 2014December 17th, 2014Newsletter
Happy Home Learning
Please practise this week’s rhyme challenge Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with your child. To extend your learning you could make a star with your child.
FS2 Homework –
Literacy – In literacy this week we have been learning about the police and their role in the community.
Can the children draw a police man and write 2 or more questions on what they might ask a police officer? (Please encourage your child to write independently, by listening to the sounds they hear in words and afterwards describe what they have written underneath).
Maths – In maths this week we have being learning about measuring. Can the children find 2 items smaller than their hand and 2 items bigger than their hand and record them in their homework book?
Year 1 Homework
Literacy – Can the children write a sentence about Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs including a connective (i.e. be, and, before, after, also, maybe)?
Phonics – Make a list of words using the following sounds, ou, ow e.g. proud, clown.
Numeracy – Can you play a board game and talk about how may more do you need to win? How many squares in front am I etc.?
Year 2 Homework
Phonics – Can you find words with the phoneme ‘air’ and write them down in your homework book?
Spellings – helped, jumped, looked, pulled, thought, somewhere.
Maths – Grab an amount of objects (e.g. pasta shapes, straws, sweets,) and count them to find your start number, decide how many groups you want to share them into. Now how many are in each group? Is there a remainder? You can record your sharing story in pictures/words or using the ÷ sign. Please make sure your child can orally tell you the story before they write it.
Topic – Choose a planet, find some facts about it and write them in your homework book.
Stay & Learn Sessions
In response to feedback from parents we are holding a Stay & Learn Session for each year group that is designed to help you understand how phonics is taught and how you can help your child in their learning. You will be given the opportunity to observe a phonics lesson in your child’s class, lasting for approximately 15 to 20 mins after which the Literacy Coordinator will be available to answer any questions you may have.
The session times are as follows:-
FS2 – Tuesday 18th February – 9am
YR1 – Wednesday 19th February – 9am
YR2 – Thursday 20th February – 9am
Head Lice
There have been numerous reports of head lice in school and we would therefore advise you to check your child’s hair. Also, we have been informed that Weldrick’s Chemist offer a free treatment service.
Class of the week 27th – 30th January
Congratulations to all the children in Mrs Stothard’s class who achieved an overall level of 97.4%.
Safety Alert!
The school car parks can be very busy during school drop off times. Please make sure that the children in your care are properly supervised when passing the entrance gates making sure that they look for traffic which may be entering or leaving the car park.
DIARY DATES                             
Wednesday 12th February                                Rev Daran Ward visiting for assembly.
Friday 21st February                                        School finishes for Half Term at the usual time.
Monday 3rd March                                            Inset Day
Tuesday 4th March                                            Return to school
Wednesday 5th March 5pm                               FABSS meeting in the Junior School
Friday 7TH March                                              Y2 visit to The Deep
Wednesday 9th April                                         Easter Bonnet Parade
Wednesday 9th April                                         FABSS Easter Eggstravaganza!