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Newsletter 6 – Summer Term 12th May 2016

By May 12, 2016Newsletter

Newsletter 6 – Summer Term 12th May 2016
Happy Home Learning
Foundation 2 Homework Literacy – This week we would like you to practise capital letters alongside lower case letters. Could you write the alphabet with both upper and lower case letters in your homework book? Maths – We would like you to practise some subtraction sums. You could use the rainbow number line you made for your homework last week to count back on.  8 – 4 =  5 – 2 =  9 – 5 =  6 – 5 =
Year 1 Homework
Literacy – Can you write some exclamative sentences about your garden? E.g. What pretty flowers! What sweet smelling blossom! Remember to start your sentence with ‘What’ and finish with an exclamation mark.
Maths – Please find 10 x 1p coins. See if you can find different ways of making 10p.
(e.g. 6p + 4p = 10p)
Year 2 Homework
Spellings – smiled, hoped, crawled, kicked, flipped, slipped, tried, dried.
Maths – Can you tell the time at different parts of the day? What time do you wake up? Go to school? Come home from school? Have your tea? Go to bed? What time is your favourite TV Programme on?
Literacy – We would like you to research Fairtrade. What is it? Why is it important? Who does it help? When you go shopping to the supermarket, see how many Fairtrade products you can spot.
Support Group Meeting
Mrs Pilgrim will be holding a support group meeting for parents and carers of children with additional needs on Wednesday 18th May from 1pm to 3pm. The meeting will take place in the Junior School.
Class of the Week
Attendance for the whole school was below average last week; however, Class 8 reached a level of 96.8% and are ‘Class of the Week’
Half Term Pirate Fun
Wickersley Library have arranged two exciting days of adventure which will take place during the half term holidays.
Tuesday 31st May 10.30am to noon – ‘Piratefest’ (Booking Essential) – 50p per child
Thursday 2nd June – Treasure Hunt – Anytime between 9.30am & 6.30pm – Free
For further details or to book please contact Wickersley Library on 01709 544134. We have been investigating who is taller and shorter than our beanstalk. Can you compare who is tallest/shortest in your family? While you are out and about, can you spot the letter sounds that we have covered so far ‘m,a,s,d,i,o,g,n,t’?
Foundation Stage 1 Closures
Foundation Stage 1 will be closed to all current pupils on Thursday 30th June and Friday 1st
July in order for the FS1 September Starters to visit the unit. Foundation Stage 2 will be
open on both days as usual.
Diary Dates
Tests During this month Y2 children sit end of Key Stage
Wednesday 18th May Class Photographs
Thursday 26th May School closes for Spring Bank Half Term
Friday 27th May Inset Day
June During this month Y1 children take the phonics screening
Monday 6th June Return to School
Friday 17th June Inset Day
Tuesday 19th July School Closes