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By June 12, 2014December 17th, 2014Newsletter

Happy Home Learning

We are beginning to discuss Superheroes! Discuss with your child who their superhero is, and make a picture of them. Your child could practise their cutting skills using old magazines and catalogues to make their superhero picture. We would love to see your home learning in school next week.

FS2 Home

Literacy – In Literacy this week we have continued to look at stories. The children have read the story 'The Shark with no teeth'. We have talked about story structure and we have identified the beginning, middle and end of the story. When reading with your child can you please continue to focus on this structure? Can you have a go at writing a little story in your homework book?

Numbers – This week we have been looking at one more and one less than a given number from 0 – 20. e.g. “1 more than 7 is 8” Then we have practised putting numbers in the correct order, e.g. 1,2,3,4,5…or 12,13,14,15 etc . We have also ordered a selection of random numbers .e.g. 5,3,12,10. Can you practise this in your homework book?  

Year 1 Homework

Literacy – Can you draw and label a pirate ship? Think of a really good pirate name for it like ‘The Jolly Rodger’ or ‘The Silver Pearl’.

Phonics – Practise your phase 5 phonemes in your diary.

Numeracy – Can you compare a digital clock to an analogue clock? Talk about them with you grown up.

Year 2 Homework

Phonics – Can you find words with the graphemes igh, ie and i-e and write them in your homework book?

Spellings – delicious, decide, delight, fireplace, goldfish, newspaper.

Maths – Can you find 3 food packages? Look at the weight. Can you put them in order from  heaviest to lightest or vice versa? If you have a kitchen scale you could weigh them and record their weights in grams/kilograms.

Topic – Write a wanted poster for a bandit/bad cowboy.

Important Health Information

We have received the following information from the Learning Development Coordinator for your attention:-

A recent study carried out by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists at the Hallamshire Hospital has raised concerns over potential significant damage to vision from beams emitted by novelty laser products. 

All of the patients were from Sheffield and aged between 8 and 15 years old.

The novelty laser products are high powered hand held laser pointers that can be bought online or on holidays outside the EU and are sold as novelty products or as laser toys.

Parents / carers may not be aware of the potential harm that these high powered laser pointers can cause when shining them into their own or other people’s eyes even for momentary exposure.

The sight loss is irreversible and impacts on children’s ability to read, recognise faces, play sports etc.

Class of the Week 2nd to 6th June 2014

Well done Miss Barr’s class and Mrs Mottram’s class. Last week the attendance level of both classes was 99.7% which means they share the ‘Class of the Week’ award.

FABSS Summer Fair – Wednesday 2nd July 2014

Please remember FABSS are in need of full tubes of Pringles (any size any flavour). Also, if you have any teddies that are in good condition they will be pleased to take them off your hands. Thank you

Merlin’s Magical Show

Thank you to everyone who has returned their slip and donation for Merlin’s Magical show. Please send in your contribution if you have not already done so. Thank you


Diary Dates                           

Wednesday 18th June                         Foundation Stage 1 closed

Thursday 19th June                            Foundation Stage 1 closed

Friday 20th June                                 Inset Day

Tuesday 1st July                                 Merlins Magical Show

Wednesday 2nd July                           FABSS Summer Fair

Thursday 10th July @ 9.30am               FS2, Y1 & Y2 Sports Day

(Reserve day Monday 14th)

Tuesday 8th July 3.15am to 5.30pm         Parent Walkabout

Friday 11th July @ 9.30am (AM Children)   FS1 Sports Day

1.30pm (PM Children)                        

(Reserve day Thursday 10th)

Tuesday 15th July @ 2pm                     Leavers Assembly

Wednesday 16th July @ 2pm (Invite only)   Bramley’s Got Talent Final

Friday 18th July @ 2.30pm                   School closes for the Summer Holidays.