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Newsletter 6

By February 13, 2014December 17th, 2014Newsletter
Happy Home Learning
This week we have been busy learning the role of the fire fighter. We have been practising the rhyme 5 little firemen, please sing along with your children at home. "5 little firemen, standing in a row, 1,2,3,4, off they go! Up on the engine with a shout, quicker than a wink the fire is out! 4 little firemen …
FS2 Homework
Literacy – For your homework this week can you practise reading and writing the following tricky words. me, we, be, she the, go, no, to and I. To make the learning of these more exciting, you could write these words and place them around the room to do a tricky word hunt. When you have found them please encourage your child to write them in their orange homework book.
Maths – This week we have been learning about different times in the day. Can you think about sequencing the different times in the day and draw a picture for each? eg. Morning, afternoon and night.
Year 1 Homework
Phonics – Look through some magazines or newspapers and see if you can spot any words with the ‘oo’ or ‘ew’ sound. We would like you to stick them in your homework book.
Literacy – write a description using adjectives (describing words) of someone in your family. See if your grown up can guess who it is.
Numeracy – See if you can halve the following numbers 2, 8, 10, & 6. Don’t forget to use objects to share out the amount.
Year 2 Homework
Spelling – somewhere, someone, mission, submission, progression, pressure
Phonics – Think of words with ‘ss’ making the ‘sh’ sound. (e.g. session)
Maths – Place value. Can you draw the following numbers in tens and units 82, 47, 63, 17, 28, 72, 70, 11 & 41
e.g. 32 3 tens 2 units
Stay & Learn Sessions
Please remember the following stay and learn sessions will take place next week.
FS2 – Tuesday 18th February – 9am
YR1 – Wednesday 19th February – 9am
YR2 – Thursday 20th February – 9am
Class of the week 3rd – 7th January
Congratulations to all the children in Mrs Mottram’s class who achieved an overall level of 98.3%.
Safe Internet Use
The internet can be a wonderful tool for helping your child with their learning and we encourage our children to make good use of it. However, it can also be a worry for those who want to protect their children from the dangers that it can also present. The following website offers help and advice to parents/carers, outlining the dangers, risks and solutions to many questions and worries you may have. We hope you find it helpful. www.
Monday 17th   February 8.30am – 9.30am Attendance Drop in Session
Friday 21st     February School finishes for Half Term 3.15pm
Monday 3rd    March Inset Day
Tuesday 4th    March Return to school
Wednesday    5th March 5pm FABSS meeting in the Junior School
Friday 7TH      March Y2 visit to The Deep
Wednesday    9th April Easter Bonnet Parade
Wednesday     9th April FABSS Easter Eggstravaganza!