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By October 17, 2014December 17th, 2014Newsletter

Foundation Stage 1 Happy Home Learning

This week we have been practising our counting. Have fun together doing 10 jumps in each room of your house. Count out loud each jump to make sure you do 10. To continue your learning, practise writing number 10 at home. This could be with large chalks outside, on the bathroom tiles in shaving foam, in salt on trays etc. Find different ways to make writing fun!

Foundation 2 Homework

Literacy – We have been learning about Shrek this week and the children have been labelling the characters by sounding out the words and writing down the sounds that they can hear. Please help your child to sound each letter individually and then blend them together to read the following words: met, set, fan, fun, fat, shop & ship. If possible write each word. We have been learning the sound I, h, sh, and ck, please use the diaries to practise the rhymes with your child.

Numeracy – We have been learning about comparing amounts. The children have been looking at different groups of objects and saying which has more or less and finding groups with the same. Talk to your child about who has the most dinner, vegetable, beans etc.

Year 1 Homework

Maths – Please practise telling the time learning o’clock and half past.

Literacy – Can you write a numbered list of 5 things you can do to save the planet?

Year 2 Homework

Spellings – could, would, should, like, slowly, frightened.

Maths – Can you make a grouping story following these steps?

Draw how many groups you want (or you could use something practical like plates)

Decide how many you want in each group (you can put 1,2,3,4,5 on each plate)

Now count to find the total.

You could record your story in words and pictures.

¡ ¡ ¡

e.g. 3 groups of 4 = 12

Literacy – Write a message from the character that pops out of your magic box. Maybe they tell you about where they have come from or a problem that they have.

Class of the week 6th October – 10th October

Congratulations to the children in Class 8 who have achieved at level of 99.3% and are class of the week.

FS1 Stay & Play Sessions

Please remember to book your Stay & Play session. The time sheets are displayed in Unit 1 and will take place on 20th, 21st & 22nd October.

FS2 Shrek Wedding

Next week we are going to visit St Francis’ Church with the children to take part in a Shrek Wedding. Your child might be chosen to be one of the wedding party so please look out for further information.

School Photographs – Thursday 6th November

Please remember to complete the sibling link slip if you want your children to have their photograph taken together. If we do not receive a request form only individual photographs will be taken.


You can now purchase Children in Need wrist bands from the main office for £1 and Poppies will be available from Friday onwards for a small donation. Thank you

School Dinners

The current menu will continue after the half term holidays. Therefore the choices for lunch should be taken from Week 3 on the week commencing 3rd November.

Drop In Session

We would like to remind you that the Education Welfare Officer, Laura Blakemore will be in school on Thursday 23rd October from 2.30 onwards. If you have any queries relating to school attendance or special leave of absence please feel free to pop in for an informal chat.


We would like to remind parents/carers that dogs are not allowed on the school premises. We would also politely request that dogs are not left unattended at the school gates.

Door Closing Time

The doors to the classroom corridors close at 9am prompt to keep the children safe and to allow learning to begin on time. Please help us to adhere to this safeguarding protocol by leaving on time. If you should need to leave after 9am for any reason please leave via the main reception.

Diary Dates

EWO Drop In Session – Thursday 23rd October @2.30pm

Break up for Half Term – Thursday 23rd October at normal time

Inset Day – Friday 24th October

Return to School – Monday 3rd November

Photgraph day – Thursday 6th November

Children in Need – Friday 14th November – Non Uniform Day – Super Hero Theme