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Newsletter 9

By March 13, 2014December 17th, 2014Newsletter

Happy Home Learning

Our rhyme of the week is Cow’s in the kitchen, moo, moo, moo. Please have fun practising this with your child at home.

FS2 Homework

Literacy – This week we had a fabulous visit to the farm. Can you write two sentences about your favourite part of the day and draw a picture?

Numeracy – This week we have been learning to count, recognise and order numbers to 20. In your homework book there is a dot to dot sheet. Can you start from 0 to 20 and follow the dots to see what the picture could be.

Year 1 Homework

Literacy – Please choose your favourite game and write a list of instructions to explain how to play it. Remember those bossy words we talked about!

Numeracy – Please practice ordering numbers eg. 8 – 15 – 32 – 48. Can you practise counting on from different numbers on a 100 square?

Year 2 Homework

Spellings – tea, cream, scream, singing, thinking, steaming

Phonics – Think of some more words with the sounds ‘ea’ & ‘ing’ and write them in your homework book.

Maths – Choose a 2 digit number. Can you take away 10’s? Can you take away units? Can you take away 10’s & units?   e.g. 34.

            34 – 10 = 24

            34 – 4 = 30

            34 – 11 = 23

Topic – Make a warning poster about a shark!

Class of the week 4th – 7th March

Congratulations to the children in Mrs Mottram’s class who have achieved 100% attendance. We also say well done to the children in Unit3, Unit 4, Class 6 & Class 9 who all attained a level of 99%.


We have registered with Ice Sheffield to take part in their Attendance Initiative Scheme. Any child who achieves 99-100% attendance for the academic year will receive a FREE pass to Ice Sheffield for the duration of the Summer Holiday, which includes ice time and skate hire. There are currently 51 pupils who are on target to qualify for this. Keep up your fabulous attendance; we are very proud of you.


Do you have any soft cuddly teddy bears or other soft toys lurking in your loft or hiding in your garage? If they are in a good, clean condition and you would like them to find a new home, Fabss would gratefully take them off your hands. Any donation can be handed in at in main reception.

Kenya Project

Mrs Shaw has been involved in a fundraising project which has resulted in a wonderful children’s home being built in Kenya. In spring 2012 she travelled to Kenya to visit Kings Children’s Home to help set up the classrooms ready for the children to start their lessons. She also took a supply of bedding, some of which was kindly donated by yourselves. During the Easter holidays she will be travelling to Kenya to revisit the children’s home to see the children working in their new learning environment. The children there have very little and are in desperate need of shoes. Therefore, if you have any old shoes which your child has outgrown and you would like to donate them to a very good cause Mrs Shaw would be glad to accept them to take with her. Thank you

Community Link

Morrison’s have launched an ‘Easter Colouring Competition’ and would like our children to be involved. All children are invited to take part and the entries will be split into two age group categories (0 – 5 yrs & 5 – 10yrs). Your child can choose to draw, paint or even make a collage but the theme must be related to Easter.  Entries should be handed in to the school office at the latest Friday 4th April and should be clearly labelled with your child’s name and age.