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School Councillor Meeting

By May 1, 2015May 5th, 2015School News

DSCN0187John Healey MP came into one of our school councillor meetings. We had some questions for him and he also had some questions for us. We asked him if he had ever met the Queen. Mr Healey said he had met the Queen to talk about some ideas he had. He said are not allowed to sit down when you meet the Queen and she rings a bell, then you have to leave. We also asked him what parliament was. Mr Healey said it is a gathering of people.

We talked about how our jobs as school councillors are similar to his job. Mr Healey asked us why we though we had rules. We said to help protect other people. We then started talking about voting and Mr Healey asked us if we knew what it was. We told him that we had to be voted in a school councillors and we change our councillors every year.